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Hard Cost Estimating of Labor Worksheet


In order to make exact estimate for your work as well as profitability, it is essential to determine your labor costs.

Hard cost of labor worksheet comes up with your predictable labor costs for any project that may consist of everything necessary to pay off and support field employees. This labor rate is known as the burdened cost of labor or your burdened labor rate. Here, the total projected cost is then highlighted with a prearranged factor hence the selling price also includes your overhead and planned profit.

This Labor Worksheet generates the burdened cost of labor and it is calculated with variation among the the hourly pay provided to an employee and the actual hours of the employees for making income. This worksheet includes all of the hours for paid vacations, holidays, participating in training programs or trade events and company meetings in the anticipated labor costs.

Hard Cost Estimating of Labor Worksheet
Hard Cost Estimating of Labor Worksheet

The worksheet facilitates to figure out the exact labor by segregating the total annual cost to pay off and support each employee with the number of working hours for making income.

The Hard cost of labor worksheet takes into consideration non-productive time and other labor allied expenses into a burdened labor rate. The labor worksheet also highlights other related expenses compensated by the business like payroll taxes, liability insurance and and workers compensation insurance etc.


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