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Estimaster2 is a very basic construction estimating program beneficial for fulfilling the requirements of small construction and sub-contracting companies from all of the various trades.

This estimating software is utilized for simple estimate or a very detailed estimate and puts in various mark-ups, tax situations and waste allocations. The users can copy previous proposals from other projects to edit and make a new proposal promptly.

The software includes a library containing parts seamlessly combining labour and contract information to produce complex Quotes and proposals for detailed projects. The users is also able to create a small and simple part library to establish an estimate by simply summing basic item costs. This will help you to submit bids accurately and easily.

The first step in the estimation procedure is defining the materials database, categories and sub-categories. This estimating software allows users to provide great detail while defining categories. After the categories are defined, the software facilitates you to put in individual items concerned with each category. For every individual item, one is able to identify the quantities for which calculations for unit, material, labor, subcontract and equipment costs are calculated. At this time, the software let you to supply job information and monitor the estimate total. The next step to be followed is the actual building of the estimate. Initially, go through the estimate screen and calculate each item in the categories. Then choose each desirable category to be comprised in the bid. Once the estimate is built, this program hosts a builder's calculator which can compute quantities of specific items to be transferred to the estimate. When the estimate is completed, the program offers a choice of five report formats. These are pre-defined reports which can be selected to display your information.


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