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The West point bridge designer software is for designing of the bridge. Bridge Design Contest is to give center school and secondary school understudies a sensible, drawing in prologue to building. They are giving this contest as a help to training.

The Bridge Designer 2016 is a free instructive software bundle designed for prologue to building through the design of a steel interstate bridge. To introduce the Bridge Designer, download and run the fitting arrangement document underneath.

The West Point Bridge Design Contest is an across the country Internet-based rivalry expected to advance math, science, and innovation instruction in U.S. center schools and secondary schools. The contest gives understudies a practical prologue to building through drawing in, hands-on design understanding.

The West Point Bridge Designer will acquaint you with building through legitimate, hands-on design understanding. Official software used to enter the West Point Bridge Design Contest. This software gives you the apparatuses to model, test, and advance a steel expressway bridge, in view of reasonable details, limitations, and execution measures.

Your goal is to make an ideal bridge design. An ideal design is one that fulfills the entirety of the design determinations, breezes through a recreated load assessment, and expenses as meager as could reasonably be expected.

System Requirements

Software - West Point Bridge Designer
Developer - Engineering Encounters
Version - 2016
Platform - Windows / Mac
File Size - 38.88 MB
License - Freeware

Outline of West Point Bridge Designer:The Bridge Designer is a free instructive software bundle designed to give center school and secondary school understudies a sensible prologue to building through the design of a steel roadway bridge.

The Bridge Designer has the look and feel of an industry-standard PC helped design (CAD) bundle however is a lot simpler to utilize. The software directs the client through the procedures of:

1. Displaying a 3-d animation of the load test, with individuals shading coded to show strain (blue) and pressure (red).
2. Graphically adjusting the design to fortify any insufficiently designed individuals.
3. Minimizing the expense of the design, by changing part properties or adjusting the geometry of the structure.
4. Graphically making a basic model.
5. Defining the material and mechanical properties of every part in the structure and.
6. Running a mimicked load test of the structure to decide whether it is sufficiently able to convey a norm, code-determined parkway loading.

The Bridge Designer's essential reenactment, animation, and ongoing cost computation highlights improve learning by giving on-request criticism. With a solitary catch click, the client can decide whether the design is fruitful (i.e., on the off chance that it finishes the load assessment) and on the off chance that it is ideal (i.e., if its expense is as low as could reasonably be expected).

Making a fruitful design is straightforward, however making an ideal design is very testing. In this manner, the software offers a building design experience that is attainable by kids as youthful as a fourth grade yet at the same time reasonable for innovatively shrewd secondary school and understudies.

How to Make a Bridge in this Software: There are ten distinctive example bridges given by the Bridge Designer. On the off chance that you load an example of a bridge you pick which one you need from the rundown, yet on the off chance that you start another bridge it consequently goes to a suspension bridge, 44 meters.

It generally begins this way yet on the off chance that you don't need the Members window you can tap on the x, and it vanishes. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need it back you simply click on the little bolt in the upper right-hand corner and it returns. We generally x it.

This is an exhibition of a bridge on the Bridge Designer:

1. You start with your joints.
2. At that point the individuals. Whenever you can check your bridge with the truck by squeezing.
3. Right now it lists a little however you can place in fortifications to make it more grounded. Put a column of joints under the first.
4. At that point include the individuals.
5. Presently it's a compliment once more.

That is one of the numerous approaches to make a bridge with the Bridge Designer.

Suspension Bridge (44-meter span): There are three unique kinds of suspension bridges in the Bridge Designer. The first on the rundown is a 44-meter span bridge. On the off chance that you need to load an example of a suspension bridge it would appear that this. Also, you can generally begin with your own design by squeezing start another bridge.


1. Have a great time testing and improving your designs with your companions.
2. Design a virtual bridge and contend broadly for grants or a PC!
3. Find out about building and design.
4. Instructors, school locale, states! Run your own nearby contest with our help.
5. Great game quality animation of bridge test with OpenGL.

Download West Point Bridge Designer