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Some vital factors prior to starting of concrete work

Plaster for the sheet gaps: It should be accomplished after completion of centering work as well as prior to retain steel mat for molding. It helps to get rid of concrete mix leaks.

Oil for sheets: Used engine oil is provided to iron sheets to simplify the process for detaching the sheet.

Mats for Molding: In recent times, the mats are being utilized on top of metal sheets. It provides the following benefits :-

a. At the time of pouring cement mixture, cement mix will not be wasted due to proper spacing among sheets.
b. Hocking is not required while detaching the centering.

Points to be taken into consideration:

a. Spray water prior to pour concrete on these mats with the purpose of minimizing the gaps.
b. These mats are formed with “Jammu” and it can be extended slightly if the water is poured on it.

c. These mats should be removed instantly as soon as the centering sheets are detached. The removing process becomes simpler if it is wet.
d. Conversely, it is required to spray water and eliminate them that will be an additional work.

Inverted beams:

a. Generally inverter beams should be used while building a wall without any beam.
b. As for instance at the time of ground floor molding, the plan for first floor should be prepared properly.

Hooks in the roof:

a. Hooks in the roof should be suitable to hang caddles in hall and bedroom.

Binding extension pillars with rings:

a. Once the molding is completed, no one should retain pillar rods. If some retains pillar rod and leaves, it will produce few small vibations and these vibrations leads to small gaps in pillars.


a. Check whether the vibrator is in working condition or not.
b. Normally Meastri’s should not use Petrol at the time of bringing Vibrator. So the petrol should be arranged earlier.

Adequate Meterial:

a. Verify that there are adequate sand, jelly and cement for Molding.
b. For 30*40 Site (Molding area remains approximately 1000 sft exclusive of beams).

Bring 100 bags of cement, 700 cft of sand, 700 cft of 20 mm gravel (20 MM jelly).

Covering stones:

a. Covering stones are treated as the most crucial thing which should not be omitted.
b. Covering stone stands for a flat thin piece of a stone. These stones should be provided underneath the steel rods to prevent contact among sheet centering and steel rod.
c. These stone will produce some gap among molding sheet and steel rod to arrange concrete in between.

Some vital factors prior to starting of concrete work