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Various types of professionals engaged in construction surveying

Given below, the detail lists of different types of surveying :-

Land surveyor: A land surveyor alias geomatics surveyor, produces site plans for construction and civil engineering projects by accumulating data and outlining the shape of the land. They can deal with several types of projects along with bridges, tunnels, roads, mining and quarrying among others. Generally, they undertake the following responsibilities :

? Geomatics ? Assembling, preserving, processing and providing geographic information
? Feasibility studies ? Doing surveys and assessments on probable construction sites
? Geomechanics ? Supervising land movement and subsidence created normally or throughout the construction process
? Geospatial measurement ? Planning proper co-ordinates of site features with GPS and surveying instruments, plotting land use with satellite photography and generating digital images of sites.

Quantity surveyor: Quantity surveyors have expertise in several areas. The persons who perform for construction companies are usually called as a ?main contractor?s quantity surveyor?.

The prime role of a quantity surveyor in construction is to manage costs and contracts on construction projects. They also provide guidance on decisions that should be taken at the time of controlling a project from the inception date to the date of completion. They undertake the following responsibilities :-

? Supervising each phase of construction to ensure that costs are according to forecasts
? Negotiating and preparing bids for tenders and contracts
? Accomplishing feasibility studies to calculate materials, time and labour costs
? Performing in favor of the clients to resolve disputes
? Ensure that the project satisfies quality and legal standards

Building surveyor: Building surveyors provides useful suggestions to the clients regarding the design and building of new buildings. They should possess good communication skills and be skilful for resolving issues. They undertake the following responsibilities :-

? Verifying to ensure that properties satisfy the building regulations and fire safety accessibility standards
? Managing planning applications
? Surveying properties to find out structural faults and providing guidances for repairs

Technical surveyor: Technical surveyors perform different types of tasks related to the architects, chartered surveyors and engineers. There are liable for different types of surveying along with land, quantity, building, general practice and minerals. They undertake the following responsibilities:

? Draughting plans with computer software
? Assisting in ecological impact assessments
? Supervising construction operatives on site
? Scheduling workloads and evaluating the progress of projects

Planning and development surveyor: The objective of planning and development surveyors is to evaluate, design and manage different types of development projects.

They are involved in every phase of the project ranging from preliminary site assessments to the accomplishment of the complete project. Based on the type of project, a planning and development surveyor undertakes the following responsibilities :-

? Evaluating whether plans are feasible
? Negotiating contracts and tenders
? Governing planning applications

Various types of professionals engaged in construction surveying