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Various types of estimates and their definitions

In this construction video tutorial, you will be familiar with different types of estimates.

Given below, various types of estimates :-

Approximate/Rough/Preliminary Estimate Plinth Area Estimate Revised Estimate Cubic Content Estimate Typical Bay Estimate Annual Repair Estimate Detailed Estimate Quantity Estimate Supplementary Estimate Extension and Improvement Estimate

Preliminary Estimate – This type of estimate is used to determine a rough cost in quickest possible time. The estimate is done to settle the financial prospect and policy matter that provides an overview of cost of the proposal after scrutinizing the necessities of the concern department. Depending on this estimate, the material approving authority grants administrative approval once the proper scrutiny is done.

The rough cost estimate is supported with a) comprehensive report b) detailed specification c) line plan d) brief ideas of rate e) site plan.

Plinth Area Estimate – This estimate is considered as an approximate estimate. It is used to compute the plinth area of a building that is multiplied with plinth area rate to obtain an estimate for the building. (plinth area rate per sqm x plinth area of building). It facilitates to get the proper construction cost devoid of calculating the details.

The plinth area is computed toward the roof area of a building with the use of external dimension, devoid of the plinth offsets.

The area of the court yard etc. should be excluded from it.

The plinth area rates are normally given. It is subtracted from the cost of the equivalent building in the similar locality containing approximately the same finishing and the same conveniences.

The desirable height of the building should be built up throughout the same year of construction or in advance with the purpose of controlling the difference in the construction cost.

The plinth area estimate is supported with the following :- Report, Line Plan of building, Detailed Specifications, Line Plan of the building for which the plinth area rate is determined.

To get more details, watch the following video tutorial.

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Various types of estimates and their definitions