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Variations among Foundation and Footing

Foundation: A foundation denotes the lower section of a building structure that transmits the gravity load of the building into the earth. Foundations are normally categorized as shallow foundations and deep foundations. Initially, the foundation of the building is constructed by digging a trench into the ground.

Digging should be sufficiently deep to attain the subsoil. Subsoil is harder as compared to topsoil. After that, the concrete should be poured into the trench. To improve the strength and provide strong support steel rods are used.

Once the concrete gets dried, the steel retains it simultaneously. It is called reinforced concrete, and once it is arranged in proper position, the structure can be developed on top.

Footing: A footing refers to a foundation that is erected under the base of a wall or a column. The footing is provided to disperse the weight of the building across a wider area.

The term footing is normally utilized in tandem with shallow foundations, not deep foundations. Footing is provided directly underneath the lowest segment of the structure it supports.

Footing vs Foundation - Given below, the variations among Footing and Foundation :

1. The footing means a structure that is in touch with the ground.
Foundation stands for a structure that transmits its gravity loads to soil from superstructure.

2. Footing is connected with the feet of the leg.
Foundation is compared with legs.

3. The footing belongs to a type of shallow foundation.
Foundation is both shallow and deep.

4. Footing comprises of slab, rebar which are made of brickwork, masonry or concrete.
Foundation types contain piles, caissons, footings, piers, the lateral supports, and anchors.

5. Footing strengthens support to a specific column.
Foundation provides widespread support since the support is provided to a group of footings similar to a whole building.

6. A number of footings rest on a foundation.
Foundation mainly provides the support to sustain all types of loadings.

7. A footing is arranged below the foundation wall.
Foundations stand for the basement walls.

8. Footing conveys the loads directly to the soil.
Foundation is in direct contact with the soil and transmits it to the ground.

9. All footings refer to foundations.
Not all foundations are footings.

Variations among Foundation and Footing