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Uses and advantages of digital theodolite in surveying & engineering works

In this exclusive civil engineering tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step guidelines for employing digital theodolite.

The surveyors extensively use this tool for conducting topographic survey. With this tool, it is possible to determine both the horizontal and vertical angle. By combining with stateo techniques, it can work out the horizontal distances as well as differential elevations. It is a useful tool for surveying and engineering work.

Theodolites apply caged graduated circles and angular readings are captured with an internal magnifying optical system.

The theodolite comprises of a telescope that can be moved within two perpendicular axes- the horizontal axis, and the vertical axis. The telescope is fixed and an electronic readout screen is applied to demonstrate horizontal and vertical angles. Digital theodolites are user-friendly since the digital readouts substitute the conventional graduated circles and produce more precise readings.

Instructions for use :-

Label the point at which the theodolite is going to installed with a surveyor?s nail or a stake. This point is considered as the base for calculating the angles and distances.

Arrange the tripod. The height of the tripod should be kept in such a way so that the instrument (the theodolite) remain in eye-level. The centrally placed hole of the mounting plate should remain over the nail or stake.

Push the tripod legs into the ground with the brackets on the sides of each leg.

Fix the theodolite by positioning it on top of the tripod, and screw it in exact position with the mounting knob.

Calculate the height among the ground and the instrument. It should be applied as a reference to other stations.

The theodolite should leveled by altering the tripod legs and employing the bulls-eye level. The slight tuning is done with the leveling knobs to secure t it just right.

Alter the small sight (the vertical plummet) available on the bottom of the theodolite. The vertical plummet facilitates you to perform and make sure the instrument is situated over the nail or stake. Modify the plummet with the knobs on the bottom.

Point the crosshairs in the main scope at the point to be calculated. With the help of the locking knobs on the side of the theodolite, retain it aimed on the point. Record the horizontal and vertical angles with the viewing scope available on the theodolite?s side.

Benefits of applying a Theodolite

Given below, various advantages of Theodolites:

  1. Superior correctness.
  2. Internal magnifying optical system.
  3. Reading circles is more accurate as compared to other instruments.
  4. Electronic readings.
  5. Horizontal circles are rapidly zeroed or arranged with any other value.
  6. Horizontal circle readings are captured either to the left or right of zero.
  7. Repeat readings are not required.
  8. Suitable for both flat and sloped ground.
  9. Not affected with wind or other weather factors.

To get the online demonstration of digital theodolites, go through the following video tutorial.

Uses and advantages of digital theodolite in surveying & engineering works