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Some unwanted construction practices in concrete construction

Due to inferior construction management, bad practices in concrete construction may happen at the construction site. Bad practices in concrete construction lead to inferior quality of the constructed service as well as the security of the construction is also significantly affected.

The construction workers and professional must abide by the good construction practices on the construction site. The top-level management along with the work contractors and sub-contractors should monitor these practices so that these are accomplished according to need.

Mostly, bad practices in concrete construction occurs due to following reasons :-

? Inferior Construction Methods and Workmanship
? Insecure working at heights
? Inappropriate Housekeeping

(a) Inferior Construction Method and Workmanship: Inappropriate training, deficient quality, and negligence are some of the vital concerns for the inferior workmanship and construction methods.

The following consequences may occur due to inferior construction method:

? Poor Reinforcement of details
? Damaging Construction Joints
? Inferior Compaction
? Greater water content in concrete
? Segregation and Bleeding in concrete

01. Increased Water Content in Concrete Mix: Greater water content to get high workability is a harmful practice. With surge in water content, the porosity and the permeability of the concrete will be raised and as a result the corrosion will occur in the reinforcement. The elementary strength of concrete will also be decreased significantly.

The supervisors and site in charge should make proper checking to maintain the perfect amount of water-cement -ratio.

02. Segregation of Concrete: This problem is found in the fresh state of the concrete mix. The segregation of the concrete occurs because of the following reasons:

? Rough Mix of concrete
? Existence of Large-sized aggregates
? Over-vibration of the Mix
? Pouring the fresh mix from extreme heights

03. Bleeding of Concrete: Because of extreme water content and over vibration, bleeding in concrete primarily happens. Bleeding can lead to severe pores and permeability in structure.

04. Inappropriate Curing: Inappropriate Curing is caused by carelessness of the workmen and site supervisors. Proper curing plays a significant role in the hydration of the cement particles in the concrete. The properties of concrete as well as the performance and stability will be increased with superior hydration.

For improper curing, the loss of water will be acute. In future, it will lead to cracking and shrinkage in the concrete structure. It should be kept in mind that there should be fewer water throughout concrete mixing/concreting and sufficient water after curing. But in construction site, this theory is not followed.

05. Problems with Reinforcement Details: The reinforcement should be arranged properly to get the required performance of the structure. If the steel reinforcement is arranged imperfectly, it will cause insufficient cover that will enhance the risk of corrosion in concrete. Improper placement of the reinforcement will cause collapsing of building when the structure remains under complete service load. The bars should be arranged all along the length according to drawing to obtain fixed/pinned joints and should be perfectly lapped and staggered.

Insufficient cover of concrete will cause the risk of the moisture and consequently leads to penetration of the water. Thus, cracking, and spalling will happen because of corrosion in concrete structure.

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Some unwanted construction practices in concrete construction