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Various type of repair & rehabilitation solution

Downfall of Reinforced structure is very huge problem nowadays. Different type of construction structure requires regular maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. When a construction structure became old then in the structure certain form of cracking, splitting, degradation is seen.

There are different type of repair and rehabilitation solution available there. We will discuss about this repair and rehabilitation I this article elaborately.

Different types of Structural repair and rehabilitation

This type of repair is needed for structural elements of roof, foundation, slabs of floor, exterior walls, columns of building.

If the building moves slightly then it is big headache for building owner. Physical disturbance and defect in building material is the main factor which can affect the structural in purity of the building.

Nowadays different modern technology advanced application techniques are available there to solve this problem without any headache.

Specialist structural supervisor is very important factor here. Supervision is always needed for reducing structural problems.

Advantages of structural repair and rehabilitation

1. Structural repair and rehabilitation reduce cost.
2. It is not so harmful for surrounding environment.
3. Structural repair and rehabilitation have very low impact.

Contractors should know have experience about this. Advanced technology, techniques were used to maintain historical building, but now it is used to restore and preserve modern domestic buildings.

Cathodic protection

CP stands for Cathodic protection. This is a technique. It is used to prevent the erosion of metal surface. It changes the metal into the cathode of an electrochemical cell. It is a method of protection. It connects the metal to sacrificial metal so that the metal can act as anode. Instead, of actual metal, the sacrificial metal becomes rusty. In long pipeline passive galvanic cathodic protection is not required. An external power named DC electrical power is used in pipeline for providing sufficient current. This system protects huge range of metalic structure in different kind of environment. Cathodic protection can also use for preventing stress cracking.

Applications of cathodic protection

1. Steel pipelines for water
2. Pipelines for fuel
3. Steel tanks for storages
4. Steel pier piles
5. Home water heater
6. Boat hulls
7. Sheep hulls
8. Offshore oil platforms
9. Onshore oil casings
10. Offshore foundation of wind farm
11. Galvanized steel

Column and micro jacketing to repair and rehabilitation

Column jacketing is used for restoring and improving capacity of reinforced concrete columns. Micro concrete jacketing is used for increasing the power of beam columns.


1. Column and micro jacketing are used for increasing seismic capacity of framed structure.
2. Column and, micro jacketing are used to repair collapsed columns, piers, piles, underwater usage.
3. Column and micro jacketing are used to prevent further erosion.
4. Column and micro jacketing are also used to gain the strength.
5. Column and micro jacketing are also useful for repair damaged column, beam, wall etc.
6. It also increases the capacity of load taking.

Patch repair and rehabilitation

Patch repair rehabilitation as most commonly used technique to repair erosion in RC structures. for repairing. In patch repairing system concrete cover is removed generally to 25mm past the bars of steel and a repair model is installed there. Abrasive tools are used to remove Rusty areas. The particular area also stabilizes by rust convertors. Alkaline cement polymeric coat, epoxy phenolic coat and zinc rich paint is coated there for protection. Then it is replaced with new bars.

Corrosion repair and rehabilitation of steel structures

Electrolytic solution is the reason for erosion of structural steel. Structural steel can connect to another alloy electrically and gets more electric potential. this situation also prevents the corrosion. The erosion is reason for durability of steel concrete slab. Th PH value of paste of cement is 12 to 13. It offers the steel deep protection by thin layer of insoluble oxide. It can stop the oxidation. If the PH of cement paste is * to 9 then erosion may be possible. Carbonation is one of main factor for lowering PH balance in cement paste. In marine environment ingression of chlorides and Nacl can accelerates the erosion. TMT bars has better erosion resistance than any other like CTD bars. Stainless steel bars are perfect for hostile environments. These grades increase permanence of reinforced concrete structures.

Ground Penetrating Rader

GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Rader. It is a geophysical system. It is used for imaging subsurface. It is nondestructive method. It uses electromagnetic radiation in microwave band. By electromagnetic radiation it detects signals from subsurface.


1. It is used in rock structures, soil, ice, water, structures.
2. GPR is used to detects subsurface objects.
3. It is also used in nondestructive testing of structures.
4. It is also used to study soil and rocks.
5. It is used to understand the landfills, contaminant plumes etc.
6. GPR is used for mapping in archeology.
7. It is also used in military.

These methods are most commonly used to repair and rehabilitate.

Various type of repair & rehabilitation solution
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