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Different types of precast concrete products and their benefits

Beam and Block Floors: Beam and block is made of precast concrete and it is suitable for superior quality, cost-effective concrete floor construction.

Concrete beam and block floors are built up with prestressed concrete beams which provide support to standard concrete blocks stretching among ?T? beams. These come in different sizes to fit with several spans and loads. Individual concrete blocks are placed among the precast beams to build up an instant floor.

In prestressed concrete beams, beam spacing is modified to adapt probable loads.

Beam and Block Flooring

Manufacture: Long line prestressed production of concrete floor beams allows high performance beams to be formed economically.

ACP floor beams are wet cast from superior quality steel moulds with high strength engineering grade concrete, ensuring quality and performance.

Concrete Beams ? Design: 150mm concrete beams are can be used for an extensive range of concrete floor construction like domestic house floors, flats, nursing homes and commercial developments.

225mm concrete beams can be used for floors depending on higher loads and larger unsupported extents.

Specification: ACP concrete floor beams are suitable for being applied with standard 440 x 215 x 100 concrete blocks in either 7.0N/mm2 or 3.5N/mm2 compressive strengths.

Closure blocks to adapt 530mm and 305mm concrete beam spacing to accelerate floor edge construction.

A dry grout system is applied to tie the beam and block floor jointly before setting up insulation and floor finishes.

A sand/cement screed is employed to the grouted beam and block system for a strong finished floor or base for ceramic floor finishes. Openings inside the floor for service ducts and pipes can be smoothly and inexpensively integrated in the scheme.

Specialist ceiling clips can be used to accelerate the ceiling installation process to the underside of the suspended concrete floor.

Benefits: Low cost concrete flooring is obtained with the ACP beam and block floor system.

It facilitates huge savings in both time and cost at ground floor level with regard to other flooring systems and also reduces groundworks. Beam and block flooring is also suitable for suspended flooring to consequent levels, even being effective to promote partition walling with double beam layouts.

The set up of beam and block floors is usually weather independent minimizing site delays and making sure that construction programme is retained.

The suspended beam and block floor system provides the scope to reduce excavations; of specific advantages where excavated material should be eliminated from site.

The high thermal mass inbuilt with precast concrete floor construction provides benefits for the finished buildings energy consumption. Precast concrete flooring also contains properties like exceptional noise reduction and fire resistance.

ACP precast floor beams are also suitable for the Tetris Thermal flooring system to attain even better insulation performance.

The concrete beam and block floor is ideal for underfloor heating systems with a high thermal mass.

Different types of precast concrete products and their benefits