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Types of piles and benefits of pile foundation

The following types of piles are available for foundation :-

a. Driven pile
b. Driven and cast in place pile
c. Bored and cast in place pile

Driven Pile: These types of piles are significantly long piles which can be set up and constructed particularly in marine structures.

Besides, it offers adequate strength in squeeze ground. It is not prone to ground heave when neighboring piles are provided, the pile material verified and tested prior to pushing it into the ground, and the construction of driven piles is not affected by ground water.

Driven and Cast-in-Place Pile: It has similarity with driven pile. It facilitates the construction of enlarged base form in specific types of driven and cast in place pile, the ground water can?t provide any damage since a closed end tube is driven into the ground, and noises and vibrations of certain types of driven and cast in place pile can?t be decreased.

Besides, the length of this type of pile can be altered based on the level of bearing stratum and driven or handling stress can?t influence materials in the pile.

Bored and Cast-in-Place Pile: For this type of pile foundation, significantly long pile can be set up. It can be driven in low head room situation, and large diameter piles are applied.

Besides, the soil extracted from boarings throughout the construction can be examined, sampled, or tested. The length of bored and cast in place pile can be modified to be adjusted with ground conditions as well as it can be set up devoid of producing much vibration and noise.

As soon as the type of pile is established, then it is required to opt for proper type of pile (timber, steel, concrete) in that pile category that has been selected.

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Types of piles and benefits of pile foundation