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Types of levels and their uses in construction sites

Level stands for a method that can be used to measure the variation in elevation concerning different points on the surface of the earth.

This construction article provides detail information on various types of spirit levels mostly found in construction and home improvement projects as well as how these can be applied efficiently. The article also focuses on how to apply different types of bubble levels together with box levels, scaffold levels and torpedo levels. Get some useful tips to verify the perfectness of any level.

Most levels are applied to determine a vertical plane similar to the process for finding out a horizontal plane There exist different types of levels which are used in different situations and among them the spirit level is very important.

Generally, 4 types or groups of level are recommended for construction projects but in this article, detail information is given on other types of level:

Spirit (or Bubble) Levels: A spirit level belongs to an instrument that includes a telescope containing a crosshair. It is utilized to specify whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). It is very useful for the carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers as well as photography and videographic work.

Laser Levels: It employs a laser to propose the level on to the surface required for settling the horizontal plane. Various expensive and sophisticated tools are used to demonstrate the vertical plane.

Optical Levels: These are extensively applied by the surveyors and builders on bigger construction sites where a level plane should be settled over a long distance like across the entire building site.

While applying an optical level, the level plane is actually originated with a bubble in a vial and then with the help of lens it is transmitted to the site.

Water Levels: It makes the process simple for transmitting levels from one place to another. But, they will not settle a level plane.

To learn the functionality of a spirit or bubble level, go through the following link

Types of levels and their uses in construction sites