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Different types of construction equipments for reinforcement cutting & bending

In order to cut, curve and bind reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction, various types of rebaring equipments are utilized.

Given below the detailed lists of these types of equipments.

Reinforcement Cutting Equipments:

Electric Rebar Cutters: Electric rebar cutters are specifically designed for cutting bar equal to 16mm diameters. These equipments are also used to cut bolts and tensile bars with high strength. Time taken for charging these equipment is 25 minutes.

Once the equipment is completely charged, it has the ability to cut 75 pieces containing 16mm diameter and 110 pieces containing 13mm diameter bars efficiently. It contains a head that can be customized and rotated in 180 degrees.

There are specifically designed hydraulic electric motors to improve their functionality. These equipments are free from any sparks or flames. They do not contain any big abrasive blades which apply trailing hoses. The system employs lightweight hydraulic oil, tool kit and a carrying case.

These facilitate cutting bars which contain epoxy coating (if any) in 5 seconds. The equipments have the capability to cut diameter upto 16 to 32 mm. There exist a knob that can be customized according to the size of the bar positioned to cut.

Heavy Duty Rebar Cutter: Heavy duty rebar is applied to cut bars which contain large diameter, equal to 42mm. The equipment is designed in such a manner so that it is able to cut three to six pieces of the bars at a single cutting. The cutter belongs to general type.

The equipment contains a tightly sealed oil type to provide safety of its internal gear and for long-lasting performance. The machine obtains fame in its exceptional power and cutting speed. In order to minimize the injury to the blade, heat treatment is provided to the blade throughout the cutting.

Different types of construction equipments for reinforcement cutting & bending
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