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Types of bridges

The bridge comes with various types based on a definite purpose and diverse situations.

Given below, various types of bridges :-

Beam bridge or Stringer Bridge or Girder bridge: Beam bridge stands for simply supported bridge that is made of horizontal beams and vertical piers. It is also known as stringer bridge or girder bridge. This type of bridge is generally stretched with two or more spans and supported with abutment or pier at each end. This type of bridge is built up with RCC, Wood, steel etc. Beam bridge contains span below 80m.

In this type of bridge the beam is placed across the supports and must be sufficiently powerful to sustain the loads on it. These loads are then delivered to bridge supports and then to earth.

The top edge of the beam contains compression since the loads are employed on it where the lower part of the beam is extended and is under tension.

Benefits of Beam bridge:

1. This type of beam can be easily fabricated and set up.
2. This type of beam is mostly suitable for short spans.
3. Wide distances are stretched by resting beams on piers.

Drawbacks of Beam bridge:

1. It is high-priced and needs RCC for being built up.
2. It is stretched by limits.

Arch bridge: An arch bridge is mostly recognized bridge. It is generally formed with stone, concrete or steel. The bridge appears in the shape of an arch.

An arch bridge refers to a curve shaped bridge where the load on the curve is not directly employed straight down, rather loads are passed along the curve of the arch to the end of supports. So, the parts of bridge do not have to bear a high amount of pressure. These supports are known as abutments. Abutments bear loads of the whole bridge & it is accountable for retaining the arch in exact position.

The number of curves (arches) in a bridge is based on stress and loads that bridge should support. The span length of arch bridges is generally equal to 250m, and the roadway of the bridge is located on the arch structure.

Benefits of Arch Bridge:

1. It can be easily constructed with the locally accessible material.
2. This type of bridge is very rigid and exceedingly tough.
3. Arch bridge is developed with different types of materials like stone, concrete, steel, etc.

Drawbacks of Arch bridge:

1. Huge time is required to construct it.
2. It needs lots of building materials to be constructed.

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