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How to select perfect type of foundation based on soil report & reaction

Normally, the choice of foundation type for a specific structure is managed by several factors like soil type, past site usage, adjacent construction, size of development process, limitations as well as sufficient depth, bearing strength failure, settlement, quality, sufficient strength, adverse soil changes, seismic forces. Among these factors, type of soil is a vital factor.

A soil investigation is conducted to detect the following items :

1. Nature and type of soil
2. Depth of various layers of soil
3. Bearing strength of the soil at unstable levels
4. Level/slope of the ground

As for instance, when the soil adjacent to the surface is not ready for sustaining the structural loads, hard strata (soil layer with adequate load bearing strength) should be detected and most often leads to the requirement for deeper foundations. In other cases, where there exists consistent stable ground, a shallow foundation would be suitable.

In this civil engineering video tutorial, you will know how to choose exact foundation type for a 10 storied building on the basis of soil condition and soil report. You will also learn how to check the pile foundation, mat foundation or single footing for the purpose of foundation design.

To make the calculation for reaction from analysis value for checking the soil condition, MS excel and Etabs 2016 software is used.

ETABS is robust integrated software package specifically designed for the structural analysis and design of building. ETABS offers a wide array of toolset for creating the design of one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: DECODE BD

How to select perfect type of foundation based on soil report & reaction