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Pros and Cons of Total Station and Its Circumspection

This article is specially designed for those who are associated with surveying sector. Surveying is one of the major sections in the field of construction. To perform surveying for a new construction project what is most crucial for surveyors is the equipment which is called total station.

A total station is built with a combination of an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) and a microprocessor containing memory unit. This combination helps to discover the coordinates of a reflector positioning the equipments cross hairs on the reflector and contemporaneously calculating the vertical and horizontal angles and slope distances.

Here are the pros and cons of the total station that are described below in brief:


? By the help of the laser plummet an instant setting of the instrument can be done on thetripod.
? In-built area computation program offers to calculate the field area.
? It supports local language.
? It provides superior precision in area calculation.
? It displays the graphical view of land and plots.
? Unification of database.
? It is a time-saver instrument and it?s measure capacity 3 to 5 km distance.
? It produces more dependable measurements in comparison with other traditional surveying instruments.


? The instrument is expensive in terms of the other surveying equipments.
? It turns out to be very complicated for the surveyor to inspect and validate the work while surveying.
? To conduct perfect surveying using this equipment; proficient personnel are needed because inexperienced personnel cannot perform it perfectly.
? To authenticate the survey work expansively it is mandatory to return to the office and produce the drawings with the appropriate software.

Precaution to be Taken during the Usage of a Total Station


? It is recommended that the surveyor must use his/her both hands to hold the total station handle.
? It is advisable to set the tripod as constant as possible.


? Do not move or carry a tripod and the total station collectively but for centering.
? Do not over stiffen any of the clamp screws of the total station.

Pros and Cons of Total Station and Its Circumspection