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Tips to calculate the Cost to develop a New Home

While going to construct a home, one often finds it difficult to determine the perfect costs of the building as well as new home construction costs per square foot. Calculation of new home construction costs is based on various factors and steps.

1. Define Your Floor Plans: Initially, choose a floor plan for your new home that is created or modified by a local general contractor or architect, or search online or through books to obtain the plan for your home.

The builders can select from an extent of floor plans to decide the size, style, quality and features which should be provided in your new home and be the baseline for your project.

Then you have to determine the exact local builder. The prospective builder should have been one who normally builds up new homes which are similar in size, style, quality and features to the new home to be constructed. Selection of a perfect builder for your project is crucial to complete the building perfectly within timeline and budget.

The builder will provide you their cost per square foot to construct a house equivalent to yours, and simultaneously they should provide you rough idea on the construction cost of your home.

2. Clear conception on the square footage costs of your new home construction: Having a perfect figure for new home costs per square foot may not be authentic, but it is possible to obtain an approximate idea.

Guidelines to apply Rafter Calculator:

To perform this, select the total cost of your project, as worked out by your builder, and divide this number with the total number of square feet in your project.

As for example, if your new home covers 2,000 square feet area and your builder calculate the construction as $350,000, then your cost per square foot is 300,000 divided by 2,000, or $175.

Alternatively, compare your desired build to other homes which are built up recently (again, those equivalent in size, style, quality and features) in your area, then get the price of the home – minus the land situated on it – and divide this by the amount of square footage in the home to be built as per your choice. Perform this for a few homes to find out either the estimate for your new home submitted by your builder is economical or not.

3. Recognize the style, quality and features concerning estimation of your new construction costs: The final price of your new home should be based on the size. Style, quality and features and these should be included in determining new home constructions costs.

• Style: Style belongs to the architecture of the new home. If the shapes of the Homes are more square or rectangular, the building cost will be reduced. The same will be applicable for a two-story against a one-story home with the identical square footage as bigger roof and foundation are essential for a one story building. Besides, homes with a deeper design (exceeding 32 feet) might also need a roof with specially designed trusses. Basically, the more angles and corners are included in your home, the more labor, materials and price will be required.

• Quality: Quality belongs to the actual materials applied in building. In can comprise of numerous choices. As for instance: flooring, paint, insulation, shingles, cabinetry and built-ins, appliances, doors and windows. The cost for your new home will be increased, if you opt for superior quality for each of these items. It is suggested to verify your options with your builder prior to take a decision, desirably in an interactive design center.

• Features: Features refers to design considerations, like vaulted ceilings, roof pitches, curved staircases, etc. It each of these is added to your home, the cost for your new home will be increased and as a result the presumable square footage costs will also be raised.

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Tips to calculate the Cost to develop a New Home