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Important tips for designing RCC Dog-legged Staircase

First of all, we have to know what is staircase. Set of steps that lead from one floor to another floor is called staircase. Staircases are made of individual steps. Every step has tread and riser. In this staircase tread is the flat part and riser is the vertical part. Stairs can be made with wood, concrete, bricks, steel. Staircase has to carry particular number of loads.

Dog-legged staircase

Dog-legged staircase is the simplest form of stairs. In this staircase couple stairs go up to a half step. After that it turns into 180 degrees. That?s why it is called as dog-legged staircase.

In this type of staircase following flights lift in opposite direction. Two flights cannot be separate in this type of staircase. These two flights connect through a wall.

It is very popular type of staircase. This type of staircase is used in public building. It is also used in residential building. This staircase named after dog-legged because of its slope type. It looks like legs of dog. In this staircase available space must be equal or twice the width of stairs.

Advantages of dog-legged staircase

1. Compact layout is one of the best advantages of dog-legged staircase.
2. The other benefit of this staircase is circulation.
3. This type of staircase takes less space than any other staircase.
4. This type of staircase has compact arrangement of stairs.
5. Privacy is most popular advantages among the others. This type of staircase can completely separate one floor to another floor.
6. In this type of stair case top floor cannot be seen same as ground floor.

Disadvantages of dog-legged staircase

1. This type of staircase is very difficult to make.
2. If users want to make dog-legged staircase then they need to handle handrails with specific planning.

In this staircase floor is the flat part. This type of staircase is most affordable staircase. In this type of staircase space requires 2.5m ? 4.5m. The height of floor to floor 3.3m.

Requirements dog dog-legged staircase

1. Location of staircase: Sufficient light and ventilation can easily pass from various rooms of domestic house or residential building.
2. Flight's length: The length of flight should not lesser than 16 risers.
3. Landing: Width of first stair should not lesser than width of stair flight.
4. Proportion of steps: Landing between floors must be equal. No variation or difference in landing needed here in this type of staircase. The flight of stairs must be proportioned.

Methods of dog-legged staircase

Method of this type of staircase depend upon directions. There are two methods available in this type of staircase.

1. Spanning of stairs horizontally.
2. Spanning of stairs vertically.

Spanning of stairs horizontally

This type of support provides to each sides of walls. Stringer beam can be used here in this type of staircase.


A. Dead load of a step = .5 ? T ? R ? 25
B. Dead load of waist slab = b ? t ? 25
C. Live load = LL (KN/m2)
D. Floor finish = assume 0.5 KN/m

Spanning of stairs vertically

In this type of staircase stairs span longitudinally. At top and bottom f flight support is provided to beam.


A. Self weight of a step = 1 ? R/2 ? 25
B. Self weight of waist slab = 1 ? t ? 25
C. Self weight of plan = 1 ? t ? 25
D. Live load = LL (KN/m2)
E. Floor finish = assume 0.5 KN/m

If users want to make perfect RCC stair they should analyze the difference of loads. necessary strength can define by load calculation. The ability of strength bearing is dependent. It depends on amount of applied steel and concrete.

Various type of staircase

Though there are different type of staircase available. These staircases are mentioned below.

1. Straight staircase
2. L shaped staircase
3. U shaped staircase
4. Winder staircase
5. Spiral staircase
6. Curved staircase
7. Ladder staircase

The steel proportion should be indicated by the standards. This type of staircase is the most affordable staircase among others.

In this article we discussed elaborately about staircase, dog-legged staircase, features of this dog-legged staircase, advantages and disadvantages of dog-legged staircase, requirements of dog-legged staircase, method of dog-legged staircase, different type of staircase. We hope that readers would find this article helpful. We also hop that readers will give feedback their opinion below this article.

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Important tips for designing RCC Dog-legged Staircase