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Importance of Tension Members In Steel Structure

The objective of Tension members is to bear only axial force. Tension members are dependent on uniform stress as their whole cross-section is utilized for sustaining axial forces. The tension members range from bracing for buildings and bridges, ties, suspenders of cable stayed and suspension bridges, building suspenders hung from central core, sag rods of roof purlins, truss members etc.

Members which are applied as bracings for lateral load, encounters tension and compression. They are specifically created to withstand both tensile and compressive forces.

Cross-section of Tension Members:

Angle section and channel section are utilized similar to tension members. They are employed as single angle or double angle section or single channel or double channel sections.

Circular rods, wire ropes are utilized as tension members. Wire ropes are employed in cable suspended bridges like suspenders.

Tension members in bridges are utilized similar to built-up sections of channel section or I-sections.

Stress-strain behavior of tension members is equivalent as basic stress-strain behavior of steel for the reason that tension members are dependent on uniform stresses.

Importance of Tension Members In Steel Structure