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Detailed information on towers of suspension & cable stayed bridges

Towers of bridges belong to vertical concrete or steel structures which are expanded above bridge decks. Different types of bridges like cable stayed bridge, suspension bridge and hybrid suspension cable stayed structures are built up with towers.

Given below, the detailed information on conceptual design of towers of suspension and cable stayed bridges.

Functions of Tower of Cable Suspension Bridge or Cable Stayed Bridge.

The primary role is to securely provide support to withstand bridge loads and traffic loads. The appearance of the towers should be elegantly pleasant and fulfill acceptable survivability performance.

Conceptual Design of Bridge Towers: Conceptual design of bridge structure as well as towers is considered as the most vital phase for creating the design of newly built-up bridge and it is treated as the basis for obtaining the final design.

It is due to trustworthiness, serviceability, visual appearance and cost of the structure is settled in this step.

The importance of tower conceptual design may be in excess of other bridge component as it can?t be substituted, provide support to withstand bridge and traffic loads and transmit it to the foundation, establish bridge theme and character.

The fundamental and the focal point of conceptual design of towers and the bridge structure in general should pass through four vital conditions upon which the success of the final product largely depend.

So, towers should be reliable, serviceable, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. The construction of the towers should be simple and require lowest possible maintenance.

Get more information on bridge component as well as materials used, shape and form of the tower and construction of the tower.

Materials Used for the Construction of Towers: Three major types of materials exist which should be chose for the tower constructions made of steel, reinforced concrete and timer. The first two materials are utilized for constructing towers of long span cable stayed and suspension bridge while the second is only useful for pedestrian bridge.

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Detailed information on towers of suspension & cable stayed bridges