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Steps for repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structure to get rid of failure and defects

In order to get rid of failure and errors in concrete, repair and rehabilitation of concrete is required. Different types of methods are obtainable for repair and rehabilitation of concrete structure. Given below, the details of the methods and materials for concrete repair.

Concrete is utilized extensively and it has multipurpose application in construction. It offers various benefits over steel and other construction materials. But defects in concrete is a common problem. The defects may happen because of cracks, spalling of concrete, revelation of reinforcement, extreme deflections or other signs of troubles.

In different cases, corrosion of reinforcement may increase the chance for cracking and spalling of concrete that in turn reduce the strength of the structure. To make the condition better, rectification of affected zones and sometimes the displacement of the whole structure are required.

Reasons for Failures or Defects in Concrete Structures.

The failures of concrete structures happen due to the following conditions:

• Structural defect occurs because of incorrect design and detailing as well as inaccurate guesses in the loading criteria.
• Structural defect also can happen because of errors in construction, utilization of low-grade and substandard materials, inferior workmanship, and casualness in quality control and supervision.

• Damages occur because of fire, floods, earthquakes, etc.
• Chemical damage and marine environments.
• Damages occur because of erosion, wear and tear, impact, dampness etc.
• Movement of concrete induced owning to settlement of foundation, thermal expansion etc.

Recognition of Failures and Defects in Concrete Structures: The proper way should be followed to detect the reason, type and span of damage as well as the weakness or corrosion in the structure, as if diagnosis is improper, it results in choosing improper materials and repair techniques cause the failure of the repaired zone yet again. It is also vital to examine the usability of the structure once the necessary repairs are done.

Requirement for Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structure.

The structural repairs should be undertaken for the following purposes:

• Defective design of the structure
• Inappropriate implementation and poor workmanship

• Severe weathering and environmental conditions
• Extreme risk of chemical attack
• Ageing of the structure

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Steps for repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structure to get rid of failure and defects