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Various types of Steel Reinforcement

Steel is very important element for construction. The primary form of steels are reinforcement bars, prestressing wires and stands, rolled steel sections and light gauge steel sections. It is generally used in building construction.

There are different types of steel bars available in market. These types-based on shapes, grades and strength. These bars have specific tensile strength. This type of bars is used for R.C to increase good strength of bond with the concrete and to fabric grills and gates.

There is different type of steel available in market like torsteel, mild steel, TMT bars. This are used to reinforce concrete construction.

Types of Steel Bars

Hot Rolled Steel

There are 3 types of hot rolled steel bar available. The types are mentioned below.

1. Mild Steel Bars: It is the traditional one. This type of bar is produced by hot rolling. This type of bar is also called as mild steel plain bars with a smooth surface. It is also available in two grades. One is grade I and another one is grade II. Grade I is way stronger than grade II bars. This type of bar can resistance the erosion more than torsteel bars.

2. Hot Rolled Mild Steel Ribbed Bars: This type of bars consist rib on them. This rib on bars increases the strength of bond of bars. This is also called as Rebar?s or ribbed bars. Though this type of bars is not suitable for R.C. Works.

3. Hot Rolled High Strength Ribbed Bars: This type of bars is made by hot rolling so it is called as hot rolled high strength ribbed bars. This type of bars is also got by micro alloying which have high strength. This type of bar is also known as hot rolled high yield strength deformed bars or HYSD bars. It is now replaced with TMT bars.

Torsteel Bar

Torsteel bar is also known as Cold Twisted Deformed Bars. This the first high strength bars which are used in India. These bars are made of high-grade mild steel.

It has three or more than three straight ribs on it. Builders can easily identify this bar. In hot rolling the projection were rolled straight on the bars. So, in cold twisting these will form a helic across the bars.

Though this type of bars is affected by rust so these bars are not accepted in many advanced countries.

TMT Bars

TMT stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated Reinforcement bars. These bars are made by red hot steel bars and spray of water. This bar has high strength at surface with the core of mild steel. This is a special structure which has tempered martensite on the periphery and at the central zone there has a fine-grained ferrite pearlite structure. This type of bars is also rolled with ribs which is very helpful to increase the strength of bond of the bars.

This type of bar is very much erosion resistant. The resistance elements are copper, phosphorous and chromium. These bars are highly suitable for R.C. works. This type of bars is available in four grades like Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe600.

Welded Wire Fabrics

This type of bars is called as fabrics. These bars are made of weld mesh and it is produced from medium tensile steel. This type of steel bar is way stronger than any mils steel. This type of bars is available in different shapes and also used in partitions, fencing.

Storing Process of Steel Reinforcement

This steel bars must be stored properly so that:

1. It can resistant against erosion.
2. This steel bars can give support for not bending.
3. It can prevent distortion.


1. In monsoon or rainy season covers should be mandatory for the steel bars.
2. Steel bars of different diameter should be stored in separate lots.

The Supervise

1. Steel bars should be free from paint, oil, loose mild scale, grease so that strength of the steel bars remain same.
2. Petrol can wash the oil. If the rods or steel bars bend into hooks then it should be free from any sort of crack.
3. Test certificate from the steel factory must be checked for knowing the quality of the steel.

Various types of Steel Reinforcement