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Download various specifications for designing concrete bridge

This construction document for bridge design specifications contains an extensive design specimen concerning a pre-stressed concrete girder bridge.

The superstructure comprises of two easy spans made continuous for live loads. The substructure comprises of integral end abutments and a multi-column intermediate bent. The document also contains instructional commentary on the basis of the AASHTO-LRFD.

The objective of the design specimen and commentary is to provide guidance for bridge design engineers to successfully implement the AASHTOLRFD Bridge Design Specifications. This document is provided in US Customary Units. A supplementary document in Standard International (SI) Units is provided under report No. FHWA NHI-04-044.

This document consists of comprehensive flowcharts drafting the design methods for all elements of the bridge. The flowcharts are cross-referenced to the appropriate specification articles to facilitate smooth navigation of the specifications.

Brief design calculations are provided for various elements like concrete deck, pre-stressed concrete I-girders, elastomeric bearing, integral abutments and wing walls, multi-column bent and pile and spread footing foundations.

Besides, there is broad commentary that is useful for managing various situations which may be experienced in other bridges.

To download the specifications, click on the following link Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design

Download various specifications for designing concrete bridge