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Some crucial factors a civil engineer should follow

This construction video tutorial sifts through some vital factors which should be abided by a civil engineer to apply them in the jobsite.

The factors are discussed in below :-

Compressive strength of bricks should be 3.5 N/mm2

Water immersion of bricks should not surpass 15%

Free fall of concrete is permissible up to 1.50 m

Lowest thickness of slab is 125 mm

Longitudinal reinforcement should not be under 0.8% and over 6% of gross C/S

Lowest bars required for square column is 4 Nos and for circular column is 6 Nos

If the bars contain diameter over 36 mm., lapping is not permissible

Compressive strength of bricks is 3.5 N/mm2

Earthwork excavation toward basement over 3 m should remain in stepped form

Cement should be preserved in dry places on a raised platform roughly 200 mm

Electrical conduits should not be set in column

For more information, watch the following construction video.

Some crucial factors a civil engineer should follow