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How to work out the shuttering area of different staircase components

In this civil engineering article, some useful tips are provided for working out the shuttering area of the several staircase components like waist slab, flight, landing, step, tread and riser.

Calculation of the shuttering area necessary for construction of the staircase:

Shuttering area is a perimeter and various shapes contain different formulas for the perimeter.

Area of rectangle = Length x breadth
Perimeter of rectangle = 2 (Length x breadth)
Area of square = Length x Length
The perimeter of square = 4 x Side Length
Area of Triangle = 1/2 x Base x Height

The perimeter of triangle = a + b + c [ a,b,c denote side length of triangle]
The calculation is done separately for each component of the staircase.

a. Waist slab shuttering area
b. Steps shuttering area
c. Landing shuttering area
d. Handrail shuttering area

1. Computation of waist slab shuttering area: The waist slab belongs to an inclined slab. The Pythagorean formula is used here to determine the length of the waist slab

(Hypotenuse)2 = (Opposite)2 + (Adjacent)2
Hypotenuse = v[(Opposite)2 + (Adjacent)2]
Hypotenuse = v[(1.5)2 + (3.0)2]

So, the length of the waist slab (x) = 3.35m
Shuttering is provided on five sides for waist slab where the top side is departed to air for filling concrete.

The calculation is done for determining the necessary shuttering quantity for the waist slab as follow :

= Side (i)+Side (ii)+Side(iii)+side(iv)+side(v)
= LxB+BxD+BxD+ LxD+LxD
= 3.35?1.20+1.20?0.15+1.20?0.15+3.35?0.15+3.35?0.15= 5.385m2
No. of Waist Slabs = 2
So, total Shuttering quantity necessary for Waist slab in Staircase = 5.385?2 = 10.77m2

2. Computation of steps shuttering area
Suppose, the width of tread = 0.30m, height of riser = 0.15m , length of tread = 1.20m, No. of steps = 20
Shuttering area for every step = Side(i)+Side(ii)+Side(iii)

= 1/2xBxD+LxD+1/2xBxD
Shuttering area of each step = 0.225
No. of steps = 20
Total volume of concrete necessary for steps = 20 x 0.225 =4.5m2

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How to work out the shuttering area of different staircase components