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How to measure the shuttering area for column

The process is simple for measuring the shuttering area for each members of the structure as it is only required to calculate the area of the member over which concrete should be poured.

The Shuttering or formwork belongs to the temporary or permanent mold into which concrete or related materials are poured. The shuttering facilitates the concrete pouring to obtain the required shape. Different type and size of shuttering are available in the building construction for diverse members with various shapes.

The Shuttering area is calculated in Square meters or in Square foot based on the type of unites to be applied. The shuttering is calculated by working out the surface area that is affixed with the concrete surface once the pouring of concrete is finished.

For slab, it is necessary to initially work out the surface area of the slab and then the perimeter of the slab since the shuttering will also be utilized in the slab sides.

To clear your idea, go through the following example for the column and footing shuttering area calculation. In order to measure the slab shuttering area, it is necessary to just calculate its perimeter along with the surface area of the slab in square meter or in square foot.

FOR COLUMN: Example: The height of the column is 3 m, the Width of the column is 0.35 m and length is 0.35 m and the column footing contains a length 2.5 m, the width of the footing is 2 m and the thickness of the footing is 0.5 m.

Workout the shuttering Area in square meters :-


Footing Dimensions
Length = 2.5 m
= 2 m
Thickness = 0.5 m
Column Dimensions
Length = 0.35 m
Width = 0.35 m
Height = 3 m


FOOTING CALCULATION: This footing contains 4 sides over which shuttering should be applied. The footing down side is connected with the earth or top side is uncovered to air in order that footing in this places are ignored for shuttering area calculation as no shuttering is required there.

One Side Area = Length x Thickness
= 2.5 x 0.5
= 1.25 meter square
Four Sides Area = 4 x 1.25
= 5 meter square

COLUMN CALCULATION: The shuttering should be provided to the column with 4 sides. The bottom side of the column is always affixed with column footing or top side of the column is affixed with the slab to exclude the places in shuttering area calculation.

One Side Area = Width x Height
= 0.35 x 3
= 1.05 meter square.
Four Sides Area = 4 x 1.05
= 4.2 meter square

CONCLUSION: Column Shuttering Area = 4.2 Meter Square.
Footing Shuttering Area = 5 Meter Square.

How to measure the shuttering area for column