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Step-by-step guidelines to set up reinforcement cage into pile bore

Before transferring reinforcement cages to the construction site make sure that the area is properly arranged for laying up.

Employ proper timbers and placed them laterally making sure that the Rebar is cleansed throughout preservation.

The cages should not be stored too much high.

The timber wedges should be applied as chocks so that the cages can’t roll.

A cage section should be upraised horizontally from the stack to an area where the lifting chains or lifting devise are attached with the Lifting Band.

Verify that the cage satisfies the specification before lifting.

The cage should be upraised with chains directly onto the Lifting band.

Spliced Joint: Reduce the cage section into the pile bore. While reducing the cage, provide cover spacers to the Helical.

Arrange a bar sufficiently sized within the cage section below the lifting band to facilitate detaching the shackles and lifting chains.

Reduce the next section of cage over the first. Verify that the Lap length satisfies the stipulated measurement.

Upraised the loose overlap rings checking the pitch before attaching in place with tying wire.

Lock the sections jointly with Bull Dog Grips. Set a minimum of two Bull Dogs per bar in four locations.

Reiterate unless all the sections are attached.

The top section of cage can then be trapped off on top of the casing. Fix the hanging chains under the Lifting band and lower into the pile bore to the depth already mentioned. As soon as the cage is examined, fix the chains into the hanging block clutch.

Verify measurement further.

Coupler connection: Finish the work in all phases as explained above for spliced cages. Fix the cage at a height to simply access it for offering up the next section.

1. Release the coupler ready to create the connection.
2. Reduce the next section very slowly ensuring that the threads on the lowering cage are reserved with the Coupler.
3. Screw the Coupler up the thread and hand tight torque wrench the Coupler to the specific setting. A click can be heard from the Torque Wrench as soon as the coupler is completely engaged.

4. Reiterate unless all of the sections are connected.
5. Finish stages according to spliced cages.
6. When necessary, safeguard the couplers from concrete splashes with Denzo tape.

Step-by-step guidelines to set up reinforcement cage into pile bore