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Details Of Sanitary Plumbing System In Building

The purpose of the plumbing system is to deliver water supply in building .It delivers water to the outlets of kitchen & toilet through distribution system of pipes.

Commonly used pipes for distribution system pipes range from GI, copper, HDPE, CPVC etc. Now-a-days, CPVC plastic pipes become very popular since these are light weight and inexpensive, installation and maintenance process is simple as well as there is no rusting issue.

Types of Plumbing Systems in Buildings:

Plumbing system in buildings comprises of underground tank to deliver water through various supply lines arranged by municipal or water department, with the support of pumps and piping distribution system water is delivered to overhead tank from there. Because of gravity, water arrives to home outlets.

There will be no requirement for the overhead tank, if water is delivered directly from underground tank to kitchen toilet outlets. In this case, the water is supplied continuously with necessary pressure to outlets with the help of pumps. Such pumps are known as hydro-pneumatic system.

Such pumps include small steel tank containing water on one side and air on another side and separated with a rubber membrane. When the pump starts to deliver water to the wet side, the rubber membrane is stretched and air is compressed on other side, as a result additional pressure is created on wet side that is attached with water supply line.

While opening the tap, the necessary quantity of water is obtained. It reduces the pressure and the pump is automatically activated again thus retaining the pressure of water and at same time delivering the water to outlets.

By applying such plumbing system in buildings, water tanks are not required any more. Besides, these pumps are constructed to provide the essential equal pressure to all floors, not like conventional way water streams from underground tanks to overhead tanks and the upper floors procures water with less pressure and lower& ground floor procures high pressure because of gravity and extra height.

It also provides energy conservation since it reduces the requirement of supply of water to ten or twenty floors to overhead tank and then supply through gravity to all floors.

Continuous power supply is stored with generator so that this system can function properly. If there is no power supply, delivery of water will be stopped.

The following types of pumps are commonly used :

1. Submersible pumps, and
2. Open type Pumps

Submersible pumps are mainly applied inside the water and less maintenance is required. Both types are applicable for conventional and hydro-pneumatic system.

Details Of Sanitary Plumbing System In Building