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Roof Components to Enhance Roof Life

Roofing is an essential factor of a construction that protects the inside of your house especially from water. It is no denying fact that water leads many damages in the construction, the best defense you have is strong roofing. Structural damages in the construction can be reduced with having a strong roof made of essential material. A protective roof includes some notable things such as drip edges, ice and water protectors, vents and underlayment. These are called altogether an integrated system of products and components. The content discusses each component and its contribution in having protective roofing.

Shingles: Shingles are the most common materials available nowadays. They not only add a visual appeal to your house but also strengthen the roofing of your house. Varieties of colors, types and designs make shingles more attractive in the market.

Though the material has its use in bygone time, it retains its market in the modern days also with a wide a range options. It has proven that water cannot get in through the shingles’ layers. This component has some tough materials inside – fiberglass mat, asphalt coating, and ceramic coated granules. Manufacturers are, these days, going a step further with providing adding benefits to shingles in the forms of:

• Starter Shingles: This type of shingles lies underneath the layer of the main component that gives protection in the critical areas of a roof. As the name defines, it works as a starting layering of the roof construction.

• Ridge Cap Shingles: Such shingles are generally used at the ridge point of the roof to cover the gap where regular shingles cannot.

Underlayment: The components generally stay underneath the layer of the shingles to give your roofing the desired protection from water. It is mainly a synthetic material that rolls out on a roof deck. The material stays dry to absorb water that manages to come in through the layers of shingles.

Ice and water protectors: Water vulnerable areas on your roof are eve edges, ridges and valley. Ice and water protectors generally seal these areas so that your roof stays damage free from water and storms.

Drip edges and flashing: Drip edges and flashing are located as a thin strip of metal at the edges of your roof that ensure water runs off smoothly and prevent water damages. Flashings are installed at the areas of walls, dormers, chimneys and skylights.

Vents: A poorly ventilated roof causes an array of problems related to the roofing damage. Since water vapor generated by activities like showers, cooking and breathing stay inside your house, it promotes damages. To keep this thing away from your house, ventilation is a required element. Proper ventilation always promotes air flow; thus, leads to a healthy environment inside.

Roofing is not a negligible thing for construction. It needs your undivided attention to protect your house from water damages.

Roof Components to Enhance Roof Life
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