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The role of roadway system for urban areas

Function of Roadway System for Urban Areas: Urban areas are connected to cities and towns. Suburban areas mean the area that encircles an urban center, generally residential areas on the outskirts of a large city or town. Suburban areas may comprise of company facilities and industrial parks, but are mainly stuffed with housing and associated retail businesses.

Urban functional classifications are described as follows:

1. Principal arterial system: Usually, the urban principal arterial system conveys the greater traffic volumes and arranges the greatest trip lengths. Given below, the prime features for streets and roads of the urban principal arterial system:

It promotes the vital traffic movements within urbanised areas relating central business districts, outward residential areas, significant intercity communities as well as urban centres.

It promotes a significant part of the trips entering and departing the urban area, as well as the greater part of the through traffic believing to pass over the city; and arranges continuity for all rural arterials that cut off the urban area.

The principal arterial system is divided as follows:

a. Freeways and expressways: Freeways and expressways may be adjoining links in the urban area, and they are considered as extensions of rural or other principle arterials. These routes may pass through the urban area from one boundary to another or may simply attach to another connecting link. Besides, freeways and expressways may give entry to surrounding routes around the city or provide links to the central city.

b. Other principal arterials

These routes comprise of a linked urban network of continuous routes with the following designations and properties:

1. They offer service to, through or around urban areas from rural arterial routes, and may be connecting links.
2. They usually serve as an extension of a rural arterial road.

3. Normally the access is managed with regulation.
4. They arrange for an integral network promoting the complete urban area.

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The role of roadway system for urban areas