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Types of Roads depending on speed and accessibility

What is the Road? - A paved way or a route or what can even be called a thoroughfare which drives you to reach your destination through vehicles is called the road. The classification of roads depends on various criteria and among them there is a further classification into the types of roads. In this article we will discuss about the different types of roads depending on the speed and accessibility.

Different types of Roads: Based on Speed and accessibility


The other name for freeways is access-controlled highways.

The freeways are wide roads which are designed keeping in mindthe fast-moving vehicles to travel for a long distance with high speeds. Freeways are usually designed in four lanes where every two lanes are for each direction. There is a continuous and unhindered traffic movement on freewayssince there are no railway or road intersections and also no signals.

As previously mentioned, since the access is controlled everywhere in this type of roads the driver never really comes in contact with the opposing flow of traffic. Freeways are only accessed through ramps so as to separate traffic from the other roads.

There are also the construction of bridges or underpasses which helps to create a passage for roads which cross freeways.

There is a strict prohibition of parking and walking on freeways. Footpaths on either side are also not permitted on a freeway.

Country by country the minimum speed limit and maximum speed limit varies, but it usually ranges between 45mph to 75mph.


One of the superior types of access-controlled roadways is the expressways where you will findthat the entry and exit of the expressway are completely controlled by ramps.

Just as the name suggests, ?express? here means that these roads are meant for a free flow of high-speed traffic. The whole point of expressways areto be able to travel quickly with great comfort and safety by specifically avoiding sharp curves, busy traffic intersections, railway junctions.

The permission to travel in the expressway is only given to vehicles with high acceleration. Even heavy load vehicles, cargo vehicles, pedestrians are not allowed.

Strictly prohibited on expressways: Parking, loading and unloading.


Highways are the connecting roads which can connect villages to cities or cities to cities or state to state or the roads connect the state capital to the national capital. You will find that highways are the roads that run through the length and breadth of the country. They are usually laid in two lanes. The further classification of highways is- National Highways, State Highways, Urban Highways and Rural Highways.


The roads which are laid inside the city or town for the movement high volume of traffic is called arterials. It helps in joining the central business point to the outside residential areas. The arterials give access to the highways.

In the arterials pedestrians are allowed to cross the roads but only at intersections or specifically at the designated pedestrian crossings. A signaling system helps in controlling the flow of traffic is controlled at intersections.

In arterial roads parking is not allowed.

Local Streets

A large volume of traffic cannot be carried by local streets like arterials. In local streets the speed limit is restricted to 30km/hr. Around local streets properties can be built. The local street is basically the road which you to take to reach the nearest vegetable market is the local street.

In local streets pedestrians will be able to cross the road at any given point. There is also no restriction regarding parking, loading and unloading of vehicles in local streets. You will also not find any divider with boulders but it is divided with 1m dotted white lines or straight white line.

Collector Roads

Roads which collect and deliver the traffic to and from local streets and arterials is called the collector roads.35-55km/hr. is the usual range for speed limit.

In collected roads pedestrians are also allowed to cross but only at intersections. Here parking is usually allowed other than peak times.

Types of Roads depending on speed and accessibility