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Removing old flooring harder

One of the most difficult and frustrated thing in remodeling home is to remove the old flooring from a concrete slab and sometimes it makes the remodeling work messy, difficult and risky also. It can take a long time when scraper’s blade dulls or breaks on the working time. A dull or blunt blade has a tendency to descend on the top but not pulling up carpet, laminate, tiles or wood and some crews are required for doing those things.

So for flooring the blades need to be sharpen and this work is easy and takes only two minutes, the standard blades are sharpen with a hard stone rock or sandpaper discs. The blades that are carbide tipped lasts longer than steel blades but should be sharpened with a special carbide silica stone. Blades working capability depends on its surface as the hard concrete make the blades dull faster than an inquired surface. But it is also true that no one can do anything with the underground floor so correct and intelligent steps will extend the blade life sometime more.

Choosing the right blades at first in the project extends the blades life and also reduces the maintenance time. Some shorter blades are specially designed for the materials and there can be seen the strong bonding between the flooring and the concrete like Vinyl composition tile or VCT.

This is good for parking deck coatings, mud and elastomeric coatings as the shorter blades can give more pressure on per square inch and also breaks through strong bonds efficiently. Here the longer blades are not being useful as they would become dull faster for the excessive pressure on the edges.

The effects of dull blades could be changed by changing the angle of the machine, when the angle between the machine blade and floor is increased it turns into a sign of sharpening or replacing a blade. Sometimes the effectiveness of a blade can be increased by angling them but that increase the risk of damaging the concrete of underneath the floor.

The blades also could be broken while hitting the concrete at a higher angle and it is very common for the novice users or contractors and could not understand the need of sharpening blades and thought it as a machine’s default.

So it is seen that removing flooring in a wrong way can damage the blades, make them blunt or dull or even break them also. Before removing most of the experts use to run the scraper from corner to corner and avoid joints for the long life of the blades.

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Removing old flooring harder