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How reinforcing detailing is done for RCC Members

A design engineer is mainly responsible for examining the structural safety of the design, details as well shop drawing (Reinforcing Detailing Of R.C.C Members). Detailing is considered as the most crucial part concerning any construction because without proper detailing of engineering designs, the work in planning and engineering stage and safety of the structures will be hampered. Collapsing of the building may occur due to imperfect connections or detailing.

Detailing is vital for the steel structures and for the RCC members as it is essential for the conversion of all the mathematical expression?s and equation?s results.

For the RCC members which are applied in general, the detailing is separated for Slabs with or without openings.(Rectangular, circular, non-rectangular-pyramid slab, triangular etc.) balcony slab, loft slab, corner slab etc.

Beams ? With or without openings. (Shallow & deep beams)

Columns ? (Rectangular, l-shape, t-shape, circular, octagonal, cross shape etc) Foundations.

Detailing for gravity loads fluctuates with the lateral loads specifically for the SEISMIC FORCES.

Various types of detailing is required for the Rehabilitation and consolidation of damaged structures.

To make correct DETAILING, apply the following method:-

o When necessary, create bar-bending schedule.
o Indicate correct cover-clear cover, nominal cover or effective cover to reinforcement.
o Choose detailed location of opening/hole and arrange plenty details for reinforcements just about the openings.
o Use the bars and spirals which can be accessed easily. For a single structural member, the number of different sizes of the bars should be minimum.

o The drawing should contain concise information for the grade of the steel.
o Deformed bars should contain at their ends.
o Demonstrate extended details at corners, intersections of walls, beams and column joint and at parallel situations.
o Blockage of bars should be circumvented at points where members are interconnected and ensure that all rein. It should be arranged properly.
o For bundled bars, lapped splice of bundled bars are developed by binding one bar at once; such individual joints inside the bunch shall be staggered.

o Ensure that hooked and bent up bars are arranged and contain sufficient concrete protection.
o Specify all expansion, construction and contraction joints on plans and offer details for such joints.
o The arrangement of construction joints should keep on at the point of lowest shear roughly at middle or adjacent to the mid points. It is built up vertically and not in a sloped manner.

How reinforcing detailing is done for RCC Members