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AB Reinforcement Grid can lock your retaining wall in exact position

The objective of AB Reinforcement Grid is to provide good support to the landscape retaining wall market for Allan Block retaining walls up to 6ft (1.8m) in height.

Grid rolls are biaxial and are created to only "roll out" along the wall. This product is packaged inside a simple plastic bag. There are two different sizes for the product:

• 3 ft x 50 ft (1 m x 15.2 m)
• 4 ft x 50 ft (1.2 m x 15.2 m)

It provides greater strength to any landscape retaining wall.

To find out the appropriate time to reinforce a retaining wall, go through the AB Grid Chart (

Fundamental Processes to Reinforcement:

AB Reinforcement Grid: A standard retaining wall is reinforced each two courses. Once the first row of blocks is set up, filled, consolidated and modified for level, the process should be commenced.

Roll out the reinforcement grid backside of the wall via the edge of the reinforcement grid opposed to the lip of the block. Arrange next course of block on top of the reinforcement grid.

In order to eliminate any slack as well as stake the reinforcement grid in exact position, pull on the back of the reinforcement grid. Stuff the void cores and drain field with wall rock, and employ on-site soil to stuff behind the drain field as done earlier. Compact the retaining wall along with the drain field, via the first pass directly over the top of the blocks. Examine level and alignment, make adjustments if required.

Stack and backfill another two courses of block. Compact systematically, and rollout the next layer of grid.

Never compact directly over reinforcement grid or move heavy machinery inside 3 ft (0.91m) of your wall. It may happen that heavy machinery can rotate your wall forward out of alignment!

To gather more information on how to utilize AB Grid, go through the basic retaining wall grid installation ( or download the AB Grid Tech Sheet (

AB Reinforcement Grid can lock your retaining wall in exact position