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Reasons of requirement of RCC plinth beams

It is the first beam framework which is constructed in the skeletal structure and the beam is constructed generally at the ground level. The void between the foundation and the plinth level is filled with compressed soil and basically the brick or stone masonry is constructed under the plinth beam.

These beams are necessary structural elements that hold the wall and works as element where the walls can rest to separate the wall from directly laying it on the ground and it is very much useful for the objects that are made on the soil or the uncertain ground, it can hold them tightly.

It also saves buildings by distinction settlement that is happen by partial failure of substructure or soil on which the buildings made. Besides that, the beams provide unity to building at plinth level and distributes super structure load constantly to soil through substructure; plinth beam also provides verification to columns of the structure.

Necessity of RCC Plinth Beams: Construction is fully environment dependent and working with nature is not easy, a little fault can create a big disaster and destroy the whole project. Naturally, the rural housing is based on small foundations where is the lack of good plinth, exists small mud walls and thatch roof has led professionals to think again about the strength of the natural building. As nature is not stable and needs protection then the natural buildings must be stable and protected from any kind of failures.

This protecting of the buildings begins from the right foundation and plinth; plinths need to be very strong but they will not be made up of reinforced cement concrete or RCC every time. But these RCC plinths are very useful and beneficial which are being used continuously in most of the constructions today.

It is used to make the building stronger where the owners dare to take a stand against it, yet finished with paying for it. Many teams say that it has very small addition to the budget but actually there are many other small additions finally increase the total expense that is not good for any small budget construction project.

Most of the soil conditions and building loads can be controlled with basic 1:2:4 PCC that is good in the comparison of above and the best is steel which doesn?t dominate much at the wall bottom.

So the question arises that, if the RCC Plinth Beams are affected by the soft and water-logged soils and the plinth face problem while the earth go downwards then why it is necessary? The answer is that these RCC plinth beams act like a tie, as a beam at ground level itself and can face many difficulties still stays as it is.

If the boulder-packed foundation is found in loose soil, there RCC plinth can ensure right transferrable load; so though it is necessary but most of the time the beams are used unnecessary that increases the cost of the budget. So they must be implemented carefully in the required places like in the loose soils, water-logged soils etc. to make the natural mud buildings strong enough to face nature problems.

Reasons of requirement of RCC plinth beams