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R.C. Analysis ULS ? The newest construction app

R. C. Analysis ULS demo is a useful construction app for civil and structural engineers as well as students to produce reinforced concrete design and analysis at the ultimate limit state (ULS).

By applying this newest application, the users will be able to design and examine reinforced concrete columns and beams.

The App facilitates the users to precisely examine rectangular concrete sections for the bending moment including or excluding axial force in ultimate limit state with reference to the necessities of the Italian (NTC 2008) and European (Eurocode 2 or EC2) building code.

The App offers the following functionalities:
- complete surface resistance is computed from full consolidation over the reinforced concrete section. Surface resistances are observed on the M-N interaction diagram;

- verification of design efforts under the earlier resistance?s surface. Checks are produced by making comparison of design efforts over N-M diagram visually as well as evaluating the ratio Efforts/Resistance (M_Ed/M_Rd<=1).

The unit system applied the SI.

The demo version should is applicable for test purposes only. The demo version can?t be used for editing of the section height.

The full version is free from any restriction.

R.C. Analysis ULS ? The newest construction app