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6 Reasons Why You Need a Cost Analysis for Medical Transcription Services

Do you really know exactly what you are paying for each month for your medical transcription services? If you are charged by the line, does that line include spaces, underlines, and bolds? And how many characters denote a line? Or, maybe you are charged by the Visible Black Character (VBC), by report, or by minute of dictation.

Transcription companies use various methodologies for determining cost. It is very important that you understand exactly how the cost for medical transcription services is determined, and how this compares to other vendors. You may think you are getting a great deal at a certain rate, when in actuality you are not. For example, some transcription vendors charge utilizing 65 ASCII characters to determine a line, but they may also charge for blank spaces, underlines, bolds, etc. This is just one example, of many, that can result in dramatic differences in cost. If Company A charges by the VBC and Company B charges by the line, it is very important that you request a cost analysis so you can understand the true cost of transcription services. You may be quite surprised with the results. A transcription cost analysis can save your facility thousands in transcription services. Insist on a cost analysis today! Is there a reason you have not received one? Continue

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