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Details of proper work sequence in building construction

While making construction of a building, proper sequence of work should be maintained and it is the most crucial phase of any construction. Some of the major sequences range from marking, excavation, concreting, brick masonry, roof laying, flooring and finishing.

Given below, the detail information about sequence of work in building construction :-

1. Paper work: Prior to commence actual construction, perfect paper work should be required for developing the residential building. The paper works involve formation of drawings, calculation of material cost, labor cost & contingencies, sanction of drawings from City Development Authority.

2. Marking of Layout: Initially, the sanctioned plan boundaries are demarcated in the ground and the ground inside and outside the layout is cleansed. After that the entire layout is demarcated on the ground maintaining exact dimension and orientation.

3. Excavation: Normally excavation is accomplished for building up the foundation wall. Excavation should be done according to the drawings which denote lengths & widths. To excavate the earth for developing the foundation, perfect machines should be utilized.

4. Foundation Work
Foundation work involves the following sub works :-

1. Compacting the ground: The excavation pits are cut and prepared according to the need and the bottom is compacted with hand compactors.

2. PCC: To create a solid bases on which the reinforcement should be attached and footing can be arranged. Plain cement concrete of the mix 1:4:8 or 1:3:6 is placed on the compacted soil in changeable depth as necessary.

3. Footing Reinforcement: Reinforcement steel bars are connected jointly and arranged on the PCC to create skeleton through which the concrete is poured and the column rods are procured from them.

4. Shuttering: To produce perfect shaped concrete, shuttering is required according to the dimensions provided in the drawing. It is also accomplished so that the concrete doesn’t touch the soil.

5. Footing Concrete: Prior to start the concrete work, it is essential to examine the levels of foundation. There are patches where excavated depth slightly surpasses and on the contrary. Concrete is poured with adherence to the drawing specs.

Depth of foundation differs from 9” to 18” and generally for most of the cases it is taken as 12’’ depth. The foundation width should be equivalent to its depth.

5. Column Casting: Casting of columns is accomplished by settling the shuttering framework and concrete is poured in the formwork. The shuttering is generally detached after 24hr of casting and curing is conducted.

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Details of proper work sequence in building construction