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Proper method for mixing mortar

The construction professionals can save huge time and money by undertaking proper method for blending mortar. Therefore, a construction professional should have sufficient knowledge with the method for mixing mortar.

Before proceeding, you should know about the constituents of mortar.

Constituents of mortar are based on the type of mortar. Usually, the constituents of mortar comprise of binding materials, sand and of course water.

Cement is mostly applied as binding material for mortar. So, cement, sand and water should be blended properly for mortar.

The ratio of the constituents of mortar is based on the objective of the mortar application.

Generally, it is found that when the mortar is utilized for the intension of brick laying, the blending ratio of cement and sand usually remains at 1:4. But this ratio is not applicable for the purpose of honey-comb repairing. The ratio differs for honey-comb repairing.

Method of Mixing Mortar: The method for mixing mortar comprises of four steps of operation:

1. Choice of constituents
2. Computing the ingredients.
3. Batching mortar
4. Mixing Mortar

1. Choice of constituents: Generally Portland type of cement is employed in mortar.

Fine grade of sand should be used for mortar. The sand should be clean, sharp and does not contain any organic materials. The sand must be examined carefully prior to use in mortar.

The fresh drinking water should be used for mixing purpose.

2. Measuring the Ingredients: Constituents of mortar are estimated with volume. If the ratio of mortar is 1:4, then one part of cement will be blended with four-part of sand.

The most convenient way is to calculate with cement bag. So, one bag cement should be blended with four bag sand. But this method is very laborious. To get rid of the issue, fera is used. The volume of a fera is identical to half bag of cement. Therefore, for one bag cement, two fera of sand should be blended.

To find out the quantity of water in one bag cement, some factors should be taken into consideration - weather condition, quality of sand, objective of using mortar, etc. To maintain the desired firmness of the mortar, add small quantity of water at once to dry mortar-mix.

Proper method for mixing mortar
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