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Some useful construction tips for perfect prestressed concrete process

The following construction video provides step-by-step guidelines for developing prestressed concrete construction.

Prestressed concrete is a useful process that can resolve concrete's natural imperfection in tension. It extends long over the beams, floors or bridges. Prestressing tendons (usually contains high tensile steel cable or rods) are applied to deliver a clamping load that creates a compressive stress to adjust the tensile stress that occurs for the concrete compression member because of a bending load. Conventional reinforced concrete is dependent on the use of steel reinforcement bars, rebars, within poured concrete.

The principal of prestressed concrete is that as soon as the preliminary compression is applied, the subsequent material contains the properties of high-strength concrete when dependent on any resultant compression forces, as well as ductile high-strength steel when dependent on tension forces. This can lead to enhance structural capacity and/or serviceability with regard to commonly reinforced concrete in many cases.

Prestressed concrete is mostly suitable for various building and civil structures where its superior concrete performance can facilitate longer extent, minimize structural thicknesses, and produce material savings as compared to reinforced concrete. The use of prestressed concrete can be found in high-rise buildings, foundation systems, bridge and dam structures, silos and tanks, industrial pavements and nuclear containment structures.

The prestressing process is very easy. High tensile strands are developed among abutments at every end of long casting beds. Concrete is then poured into the forms covering the strands. Once the concrete is arranged, it connects with the tensioned steel. When the concrete attains a particular strength, the strands are discharged from the abutments. This compresses the concrete, arches the member, and produces an in-built friction to service loads.

Some useful construction tips for perfect prestressed concrete process