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Practical Software Project Estimation

A Toolkit for Estimating Software Development Effort & Duration

Proven techniques from the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group Practical Software Project Estimation is a complete toolkit for accurately estimating the size, cost, and duration of software development projects. This book is based on software project data collected by the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) which contains an updated repository of more than 5,000 completed projects from around the world.

The book provides clear explanations of different estimation techniques and shows you how to use them. Estimation equations and project delivery rate tables are provided for use in estimating projects, along with insights and best practices based on completed projects sitting in the ISBSG software project repository.

Practical Software Project Estimation: Provides solutions for mitigating a wide variety of software project failures and pitfalls and delivering accurate estimates Contains data based on more than 5,000 completed international software projects Includes estimating exercises for real-world practice Enables accurate estimation of costs and durations of large and small software projects Explains different estimating techniques and how to best apply them Authoritative, in-depth coverage: Overview of Software Estimation; Project Estimation: Background, Concepts and Approaches; Factors that Influence Productivity; Estimates: How Accurate Are They; How Big is My Project. Software Size Estimation; Are All Requirements Included in My Estimate; Estimating Using Equations; Estimating Using Comparisons; Estimating Using Analogy; Estimating Using Work Breakdown; How Do I Estimate a Project Comprising Varying Components; Using Project History Databases; Project Estimation Using the ISBSG Database; Estimating Web-Based Projects; Creating a Software Project Estimation Framework. Using the ISBSG Repository; Functional Size Measurement; Tutorial on Functional Size Measurement; A Function Point Case Study.

  • Length: 312 Pages

  • Price: $57.48



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