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Plum concrete – Definition & Checklists

In this civil engineering video tutorial, you will get detail information about plum concrete, variation among plum concrete and plain concrete as well as plum concrete checklist.

To form plum concrete, sand/cement/aggregates are mixed similar to plain concrete but the size of aggregate (stone) is considerably large i.e. up to 300 mm to increase the yield of concrete for a specific amount of cement.

This type of concrete is mostly utilized in large concrete mass (gravity dams, embankments and under the structure).

The size of applicable plum should be restricted to 1/3 rd of the minimum dimension to be concreted.

The volume of plum should not surpass 20 to 30% of the total volume of the finished concrete that should be perfectly distributed all through the concrete mass.

Plum concrete is obtained by arranging a layer of normal concrete initially, then plums are provided accompanied by another layer of concrete and so on.

Precaution should be taken to get rid of air traps underneath the stone surfaces.

Plums do not contain adhering coating and thus resist the scope of cracking of concrete and discontinuation among plums. Besides, plums provide uniformity in permeability.

Purpose of plum concrete: Plum concrete is a special type of concrete that is normally provided where the surface is not level as well as reduce the costing of concrete.

Practical Instance :- Under footings of residential buildings in a small portion where the slope of ground under single footing is 1:10 to 1:50; in such a case to save the cost of concrete plum is normally recommended. It finally results in reducing the construction cost of building in all.

Applications of plum concrete:

a. Plum concrete is applied at the water channel beds.
b. It is extensively applied in mass concrete works like concrete gravity dams or bridge piers Here, pieces of rock about 150 mm in size are utilized as coarse aggregates to mix a plum concrete.
c. It is utilized at side slopes of the embankment to arrange a protective layer to earthen foundations and bases.

To get details about plum concrete checklist, go through the following video tutorial.

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Plum concrete – Definition & Checklists