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Basics about Plot Area, Built-Up Area, and Carpet Area

When someone wants to buy a home, he faces some technical words like plot area, built-up area, carpet area. Every word has its own meaning. Buyers should know the terms before purchasing a house for them.

The common areas of the house are:

1. Plot Area
2. Built-up area or Plinth area
3. Super built-up area
4. Carpet area
5. Floor area
6. Setback area

Plot Area

The plot area is also known as the site area. The area which is under the ownership of the seller is called the plot area. Fencing is completed to specify the boundaries.

Calculate the plot area
Area =s (s-a) (s-b) (s-c)

At first, you have to divide the plot into a number of triangles.

Then you have to measure the distances of the sides of the triangles by calculating chains, or a tape. After that let the distance of the three sides be denoted by a, b, and c. after that area of each triangle can be calculated by the formula:

Area of triangle=s (s-a) (s-b) (s-c)
s= semi perimeter = a+b+c/2

Next, you have to take a summation of the areas of all the triangles calculated in the above step, and you will get the plot area.

Plot area = A1 + A2 + A3 +……..+ An

Built-up Area

The total area of the flat that includes the carpet area and the thickness of the wall is called the built-up area. This built-up area includes all the areas where you can move and the area of walls and utility areas. Generally, the built-up area is 10 to 15% more than the carpet area.

Living room and drawing room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, staircase, terrace, balcony, veranda, utility area, and wall thickness. If the house has a common area then the wall area is included in the built-up area.

Super built-up Area

Common areas like a corridor, lift space, swimming pool, park, gym, playground, clubhouse are included in the built-up area to get the super built-up area. The builder or seller fixes the price based on the super built-up area of the building or house. Because this area includes the area of all the amenities which is facilitated to you.

Carpet Area

The carpet area is the area where the buyers or the owners spread the carpet. This area is available for use. Nowadays most builders want to calculate the selling price of houses based on the carpet area.

The areas which are included in the carpet area are living room, dining room, bedroom, other rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and the thickness of internal walls. The areas which are not included in Carpet areas are terrace area, lift area, service shafts, exclusive balcony, corridor area, the thickness of external walls.

At a glance

1. Floor Area = total usable area + Wall thickness
2. Carpet Area = Total floor area – Area of external walls
3. Built up Area = carpet area + Area of walls
4. Super Built-up Area = Built up area + Common amenities area
= Built up Area of All Floors

The carpet area is the probable area on which a carpet can be spread. The built-up area is also called the Plinth area. It is the total area which is provided to use. The Super built-up area includes the spaces like the park, playgrounds, gym, and other utilities common to the residents. The plot area is the land area that is under the ownership of someone between the fencing. The setback area is the offset left around the building. It is enforced by the law.

A chart of Plot Area, Built-Up Area, and Carpet Area for standard rooms

Area Carpet area Floor area Built up area Super built up area
Bedroom yes yes yes yes
Living room yes yes yes yes
Kitchen yes yes yes yes
Bathroom yes yes yes yes
Internal Wall thickness yes yes yes yes
External Wall thickness - yes yes yes
Exclusive balcony - yes yes yes
Corridor - yes yes yes
Terrace area - - yes yes
Staircase - - - yes
Swimming pool - - - yes
Gym - - - yes
Park/Playground - - - yes
Clubhouse - - - yes
Basics about Plot Area, Built-Up Area, and Carpet Area