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Pile foundation construction procedure

Foundations stand for structural elements which are applied to support columns and transmit loads to the soil underneath.

Pile foundation refers to a special type of deep foundation. Here, the depth of the foundation is significantly more than the width of the foundation.

Building is supported with a weak soil construction which does not have ability to withstand the loads generating from proposed building. So, here lies the importance of pile foundation.

Given below, the advantages of pile foundation :-

1. To transmit a foundation load to a solid ground.

2. To withstand both vertical, lateral and uplift load.

Pile foundations are normally effective in the following conditions :-

a. The sub-soil water table is very high that can easily influence other foundations.

b. Heavy and uniform load is delivering to the soil from the structure.

c. Where raft or grillage foundations are either very expensive or cannot be implemented because of local problems.

d. When timbering of the excavation trenches can?t be executed.

e. When it is not possible to retain the foundation trenches in dry condition by pumping because of huge inflow of leakage or capillary water.

f. When the soil located below is waterlogged and compressive. Hard firm strata is located at a higher depth.

g. When the structure is located on or near sea-shore or river bed and foundations are subject to be excavated because of the action of water.

h. Pile foundations are very effective in the formation of piers, docks, or other marine structures like fender piles.

i. Pile foundation can also be employed as anchors.

Pile foundation construction procedure