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How direct mud circulation method is applied to set up pile foundation

Direct Mud Circulation method is associated with the set up of pile foundation installation. This method is useful for bored cast in-situ piles. Direct Mud Circulation method is mostly effective when there is limitation for working-space.

In Industries and power plants where there exist a mess of pipelines all around, DMC provides great solution. DMC method is very economical to set up piles as compared to the other existing methods.

The apparatus fundamentally includes a Tripod with pulley, winch machine, wire-rope, Chisel, drill pipes, tremie pipes, a vertical pump and a pit where bentonite powder is blended with fresh water.

A tripod stands for a three-legged structure that is fixed with a pulley at the apex to operate the chisel that bores the earth. It is again affixed to drill pipes together with a wire rope that is finally tied with the winch machine.

To make it sound easy, the chisel is the main boring tool and the drill pipes are simple extensions which deliver the depth as well as cover the bore with bentonite suspension.

Required number of drill pipes is based on the necessary depth of the bore. In addition, a vertical pump is set up in the bentonite pit with the purpose of pumping the bentonite solution into the bore hole via drill pipes and chisel.

The method is known as Direct Mud Circulation as it consists of the distribution of mud from the pile bore directly to the bentonite pit where the pump recycles the bentonite slurry and abandons the settled mud.

How direct mud circulation method is applied to set up pile foundation
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