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Parts of a roof structure

The roof is the topmost segment of the building. A roof comprises various types of covering materials which are supported with the structural member. The roof includes all vertical and horizontal members (wall, steel column, etc.) of the structure.

The roofs appear as flat or sloping.

While going to develop a roof for the house, you should have clear ideas on various components of a roof. Prior to commence any work for a roof, it is vital to have clear conceptions on how the components of a roof are merged with each other. It is dependent on design, type of covering, and climate.

The following basic elements are included in a roof:

Eaves:It is the lower section of the inclined roof that is extended outside the exterior face of the wall.

Gable: It appears as triangular shape and is located at the topmost section of the wall at the end of a ridge roof.

Flashing: It is the strip of impermeable material. Normally, metal is utilized to keep out water from the joint among a roof covering and another section of the structure.

Flashings are arranged so that moisture can?t get in the wall and roof via joint in copings, parapet wall and other penetrations through the roof plane.

Hip: It belongs to the outside angle (over 180 degrees) that is created with the inclined ridge among two intersecting roof slopes.

Ridge: It is the horizontal junction at the top of the two rising roof surfaces which are slanted in opposite directions.

Purlins: These belong to horizontal members which are placed on principal rafters on wall-to-wall to provide support to common rafter of a roof when the distance is huge. Purlins are built with wood or steel.

The top surfaces of the purlins should be homogenous and plane. They shall be painted prior to being set on top.

Fascia Board: It is made of wood. It is set to the steps of the common rafter at eaves. The ends of the lower-most roof covering material are supported with it.

Pitch: The slope of the roof is known as a pitch and is stated as the proportion among the rise and horizontal distance of the roof. It is also stated with regard to angle of inclination.

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Parts of a roof structure