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Parting of motar mix ratio for masonry construction

Mortar mix ratio means parting of cement & sand in mortar to bring uniformity in the performance and appearance of masonry construction. If the parting of mortar constituents is perfect, the following benefits can be gained:

a. consistency of strength
b. constant workability
c. stable color
d. consistency of proportions and yields

Generally the parting of the cement and sand for mortar are accomplished with volume proportioning contrary to weight proportioning.

Considerations for Mortar Mix Proportion: If moisture content exists in sand, then there may be discrepancy in the measurement of sand. So, proper attention should be given in this situation. If the moisture exists in the sand, it leads to bulking of the sand.

The wet sand will contain more volume with regards to dry sand and the measurement will be imperfect. Due to this, deviation will occur in mixture amount and the strength and the bond characteristics of the mortar will be impacted significantly.

If excessive sand presents in a mortar mix, it will produce a rough as well as an unfeasible mix that leads to an inferior bond. These types of mortar have poor performance against freeze and thaw conditions.

It is suggested to examine the volume measurement two times a day, where the batching of sand is performed with volume in a box that is formed with plywood or lumber. The person who leads the process will be able to keep record of the required shovels of sand to fill the box. So, if the volume of sand changes, it can be tracked easily.

Workability of mortar relating to concrete is high as the masonry units consume some amount of water to decrease the water-cement ratio in the mortar mix that will impact the strength and the bond.

So, it is suggested to immerse the masonry units in water for some times prior to the development of the masonry. Arrangement of surplus water will fulfill this requirement for absorption.

Mortar mix is not assigned with slump or water-cement ratio. It is the finest moisture content defined by the mason. If the mortar is excessively dry, it will fail to expand perfectly that will lead to inferior bond and unfinished hydration of the cement. If the mortar is wet adequately, it will settle rapidly and not easy to trowel.

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Parting of motar mix ratio for masonry construction