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Necessary documents for large civil construction projects

This construction article sheds light on types of documents associated with design and construction toward heavy civil projects. These documents range from engineering design documents, bid documents, construction documents etc

Normally, engineering design documents are segregated into documents for not construction and documents for construction.

Documents for Not Construction: It comprises of all designs as for example conceptual design that is prepared before the final design of the project. Generally, documents for not construction are regarded as studies.

The study phase of the structure contains reports, design drawings, data reports, and engineering cost estimates . The objective of these design documents is to evaluate technical and cost feasibleness of various alternatives and options to procure project purpose and objectives.

In the end, the detailing given in these documents remain under those documents which are given in the final design. On the other hand, it should offer adequate detailing to demonstrate concept and constructability of the structure other than providing a trustworthy construction cost evaluation.

Documents for Construction: Documents for construction are required at the final design phase. These documents range from construction drawings and technical specifications, design reports, engineer’s cost estimates, and bid schedule.

Number of these documents is specifically created for the owner while other documents are meant for contractor, construction manager, and inspector for bidding and Construction.

Bid Documents: The role of bid documents is to deliver vital information to bidders throughout bidding period. It comprises administrative, contractual, and technical requirements.

Besides, bid documents explicate duties and liabilities of the owner, contractor, and the engineer. Given below, different types of bid document together with their definitions.

Types of Bid documents - Brief description of bid document types

Invitation to bid
It contains some of the information provided in the advertisement. So, it is applied in advertisement to call upon bidders for construction work.

Instructions to Bidders
It notifies about bidding procedure as well as includes basis and criteria for the bid assessment.

Bid forms
A bidder presents it along with their bid prices.

General conditions and supplemental conditions
These documents are supplied to bidder throughout bidding process and these are considered as vital portion of legal contract document once the contacted is being rewarded

Construction drawing and technical specifications
These include all technical requirements for construction of the structure.

These contain modifications which are prepared by owner or new information that is supplied to the bidders throughout bidding process. These documents will develop into part of the contract once it has been rewarded.

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Necessary documents for large civil construction projects