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Most desired Construction positions

Construction site is a very demanded and popular working site for the people who are finding a chance to start their career. Though it is a risky and hazardous working site but the salary and positions are not low and the posts are full of responsibilities. Anyone who has a will to work with construction management and handle the risks is welcome here; here are top 5 most desired construction positions in any construction site.

1. Construction Managers: Construction Managers supervise a construction project in the construction site and under his supervision all other works and plans take place. They have to deal from the upper-level of people to the lowest one in a construction project, like lower-level managers, construction workers and their supervisors.

They have to communicate with peoples, keep a schedule of work and time, and check the quality of material and all of them to supervise each and everything properly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the construction managers can get an average of $85,630 per year. The highest 10 percentile earned in excess of $149000 and the lowest one was just over $50000. About 50% of the construction managers are employed in the United States can earn like between $60000 and $110000 annually with lots of other opportunities.

2. Construction Supervisors: They are generally known as foremen on the job site and works on a lower level of management in comparison with construction managers but also have some responsibilities.

Construction mangers work with labors for getting all the works done well and the construction supervisors work fewer things on a given project and get less payment. But sometime in the case of hazardous work the supervisors can get little more and work more directly with the labor than the construction managers

3. Installation Manager: A new installation manager can get about $57730 in a year, and originally installation managers can get between $39149 and $2201 vary on jobs and the industry. There are lots of opportunities also that help to increase their experience and salary.

4. Construction Inspection Services Manager: A construction inspection manager can get $86123 annually approximately but the actual pay range depends on various factors like location, project type, project length etc. The lower one approximately $72000 and the higher one may be $92000 and it is a very good career path for a construction professional that has a good experience in various projects.

The person should have knowledge over various laws and regulations for dealing with various customers and the general constructor.

5. Buildings and Grounds supervisor: A building and grounds supervisor can get about $46374 annually and the actual range must be between $30339 and $77239 per year.

They should be experienced and have good knowledge.

Most desired Construction positions